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A beginner's tutor book is now available for sale from

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This book contains sections on: posture - pedalling - key touch - using the stops - using the swell pedal - playing hymns - how the organ works - simple improvisation - shoes - repertoire. The book began life as handouts to volunteer organists attending courses and has benefited from suggestions from participants over the past 10 years.



Exercises for Developing Organists - 50 exercises, the majority of which have been written by Robert Fielding include exercises for, pedal alone, left- hand/pedal, right-hand/pedal, many trios and three study chorale preludes and a set of variations. Also includes advice on finding a teacher and attending courses in the UK. There are notes at the back of the book for each exercise suggesting stops to use, style and tempi etc. This tutor book is a supplement to the Tutor Book for Volunteer Organists. If you have read and used the first book, you will have reached a stage where you are exploring new repertoire and developing your technique in different styles of playing and registration. This is the book for you! £12.50 with free delivery from Amazon UK.


Five Pieces for Organ by Herbert Howells, arranged by Robert Fielding from Howells' Clavichord

Howells' Clavichord provides two sets of miniatures for Clavichord with dedications to friends and colleagues. These five arrangements transfer well to the organ and provide the opportunity for enjoying the intimacy of Howells' personal and timeless style of writing. This set of five pieces may be ordered from AMAZON.


CD recordings by Robert Fielding


Vierne - Symphonie 3em. £9.51

Louis Vierne's Third Symphonie for organ recorded via Hauptwerk software using the digitally mastered set by Sonus paradisi of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in St Etienne, Caen, France by Robert Fielding. Email Robert to order copies!


Olivier Messiaen - La Nativité. £9.51  

Messiaen's set of nine meditations for organ recorded again via Hauptwerk software using the digitally mastered set by Sonus paradisi of the

Cavaillé-Coll organ in St Etienne, Caen. Makes a great Christmas present for amis de l'orgue!


Charles Tournemire - L'Orgue Mystique

Suites 7 - L’Épiphanie and 50 - Dominica XXII post Pentecosten


Suites 15 - Laetare and 51 - Dominica XXIII post Pentecosten


Suites 23 - In Ascensione Domine and 27 - In Festo Corporis Christi


Suites 26 - In Festo Ss. Trinitatis and 28 - Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu


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These useful vignettes are now available from Amazon. I have edited these and produced them in a three-stave organ score format. They are charming miniatures designed for filling in those liturgical gaps and come in a range of easy keys and styles. Also very useful for transposition and sight reading exercises.

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I am in the process of changing how these CD's may be bought online. Up to now, they have only been available via amazon USA! The new  BUY button directs you to the UK  site 'Edit House' , a brilliant disc on demand company based in London.